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Cancer Cures

Dr John Holt

Dr John Holt who before his retirement had been curing and treating cancer for 30 years in Australia. He treated 15,000 Patients and his Cancer Treatment is now finally getting some attention.

The wonderful legacy of hope which Dr. John Holt of Perth in Western Australia left for us has been trampled underfoot by the sheer narrow-mindedness of the mainstream medical fraternity.

John Holt, in the thirty years before his retirement, had pioneered a revolutionary treatment of secondary cancer using microwave and radiotherapy, and in the years after 1991, had refined his unique and offbeat treatment to a mixture of microwave therapy and glucose blocking agents, which Dr. Holt maintained to his very last day of work was the miracle missing link in the quest to find a cure for cancer.

His patients, all of which had nothing to lose at all by the time they ended up at his private clinic, were subjected to a very bizarre and unconventional treatment inside virtual custom made metal tubes resembling an iron lung. His documented strike rate for success, in either curing a person completely of cancer or greatly prolonging their life was extraordinary.

So why did the Australian Medical Association and the pharmaceutical companies snub John Holt and effectively brandish his unorthodox cancer treatment as being illegitimate and without any scientific basis?

You must be the judge!

Here is a 5 parts to this video presentation about Dr John Holt's Cancer Cures.

The message is very clear - "This treatment should be available to all cancer sufferers.


Cancer Treatment That Works - Dr John Holt Part 1

Please take a moment to watch his videos and share in his love, empathy and selfless service to help his fellow man.

Australian Dr. John Holt uses glucose (aka sugar) blockers to starve cancer cells, then using radio wave therapy he achieves what modern chemotherapy use can NOT do -- He SAVES lives with ZERO SIDE EFFECTS.

Dr Holt has been asked to appear multiple times on the Australian television program 'A Current Affair' (a rarity for that program) to share his story.

Many of his patients that were told to go home and die by the chemotherapy cult corporation also appeared in the story alive and well thanks to Dr Holt's therapy.

Armed with this evidence, the Australian government and the chemotherapy cult corporation medical matrix chose to not only ignore Dr John Holt, but also his patients that are still alive and well thanks to him.

More people make a living off the chemotherapy corporation cult than those that (against their will by law in many countries are made to) use it.

Cancer Treatment That Works - Dr John Holt Part 2

Cancer Treatment That Works - Dr John Holt Part 3

Cancer Treatment That Works - Dr John Holt Part 4

Cancer Treatment That Works - Dr John Holt Part 5

Many caring Australian and New Zealand Doctors are harassed or deregistered for upholding the original Hippocratic Oath, not to administer poisons or dangerous chemicals to their patients. Doctors who truly care about you and you loved ones.


It is Time to End Cancer and it is Time to address the Ignorance, Corruption and Genocide

that has killed so many of your loved ones.

In Honour of Dr John Holt and all the Good Doctors like him,

Call your local Member of Parliament today and insist that this genocide be addressed immediately and those responsible be held accountable.

Those responsible have adopted a Mantra!

"There is No Scientific Evidence."

Where is the Scientific Evidence that God exists?