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Stories of Cures

Oliver Was Doomed To Die From Cancer

Within 8 Hours... by Lee Euler

But then he found out what to do. . .

Oliver had reached the end of the road in his seven-year fight against cancer. His doctors didn’t think this 32-year-old man would live through the night.

But when I talked to Oliver six years later, he was the picture of health! He got rid of his cancer completely.

Yes, Oliver found the answer—his own cancer miracle.

I sat down with him and his doctor and they told me an incredible story. . . a story that could help save you or someone you love from this dreaded disease.

If you’d like to hear it, please click here now.

2013, March 10 • Q&A • Burzynski Movie (Part II): Cancer Is Serious Business • World Premiere

FABIO | Burzynski: Part 2 Q&A | Apr. 27, 2013 Cancer Is Serious Business | Eric Merola

James Treadwell: Brain Cancer Survivor, Glioblastoma Multiforme Grade IV - "Burzynski"

What the Cancer Industry doesn't want YOU to know

Please research the Gerson Institute

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* Healing Cancer from the inside out. Go to

* Cut, poison, burn.

* Cancer - The forbidden Cures

* Forks over Knives

* Youtube Search "The business of cancer"

* Read "The China Study"

Dear Health Watch Reader,

Did you ever think that refusing chemotherapy could land you in court?

I didn't either—until I read about Sarah Hershberger. In 2013 this 10-year-old contracted leukemia. Believing that chemo would probably kill Sarah, her parents were determined to use natural treatments.

And they had good reason. Harvard research suggests that chemotherapy and radiation are a direct cause of 25% of cancer deaths.

[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]] But that didn't matter to an Ohio judge. When doctors took her to court, this judge forced Sarah into an unproven, experimental chemotherapy study.

Shocked? I was. I used to think they only did this to rats, mice, and guinea-pigs. I never, ever thought they'd do it to a little girl against her will.

Yet all over America, the FDA and top doctors are forcing patients into mainstream cancer treatments. They've raided cancer clinics. Put researchers on trial. And even lied about the evidence.

But who owns your body—you, or the state? Don't you have a right to know about every cancer treatment in the world? Especially the natural ones? These treatments have a proven track-record of killing cancer, without killing you.

Like the natural substance that destroys 33% of "deadly" brain tumors. And a rare organism that boosts cancer-killing blood cells by 900%.

A leading oncologist calls one of them "the most important discovery in cancer treatment—ever."

Grand Jury Testimony Reveals the Shocking Truth:

Go HERE to watch video and find out all the details, including the cancer "secret" that stops 81% of cancer cells "cold."

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno

Publisher, INH Health Watch

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Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Cancer Aids

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